Celebrating a Diamond Jubilee . . . 75 Blessed Years


Celebrating a Diamond Jubilee . . . 75 Blessed Years
Saturday, May 28, marked a very special day in the life of SM Seraphine Liskiewicz.
SM Seraphine Liskiewicz

The day was a call to celebrate 75 blessed years of dedicated life as a Felician Sister.  Family, friends, Felician Associates and former colleagues joined the Felician Sisters in Enfield, CT, in a joyful celebration that began with a festive breakfast and good wishes to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” with lyrics composed by S Theresa Mary Gondek.

Our Lady of the Angels Convent Chapel was filled to capacity for the late morning concelebrated Eucharistic liturgy.  In his homily, Father Noel Danielewicz, OFM, Conv., convent chaplain and principal celebrant, spoke directly to Sister Seraphine, telling her, “As a daughter of Angela, Francis and Clare, you, Sister Seraphine, embraced Gospel life with a spirit of determination, with energy of excitement and with a life of conviction.  Your YES for Jesus and for all you have touched will continue to inspire others as you move forward.”
SM Seraphine Liskiewicz with her family.

Father Noel continued, “With Sister Seraphine, her family, her sisters in community, and all her friends, we can say: thank you Jesus!  For the gift of the call, the gift of perseverance, and for an attitude of gratefulness!  All is blessing, all is grace…to God be the glory and the praise!”

More than 40 family members were among Sister Seraphine’s guests, joining in the celebration. Messages of congratulations and gratitude filled the air as everyone enjoyed a celebratory dinner.
The congregation extended their hands in blessing 
SM Seraphine Liskiewicz while Father Noel prayed 
the Blessing of Mother Angela.
In reflecting on her 75 years of consecrated life, Sister Seraphine said, “I am overwhelmed when I think of the blessings and graces that the good Lord showered upon me since my conception.  Daily I join myself to our Blessed Mother Mary when I pray the Magnificat, and with her I thank God for all that He has done for me.
“I sincerely believe that He has chosen me from my birth.  He placed me in the hands of holy, Catholic parents, in an atmosphere of poverty, but filled with love and faith.  There, among my five brothers, I learned how to share, love, and care for others.  This became the foundation for my growth in the spiritual life and community living.
SM Seraphine Liskiewicz prepares to carry her gift in the offertory procession-symbols of her commitment to

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