“Who Are You O God, and Who Am I?

At home at Mount Alvernia Retreat Center, in Wappingers Falls, NY, Felician Postulants Lauren Gault and Michele Curry participated in their mid-year three-day retreat: “Who Are You O God, and Who Am I?” designed and facilitated by S Veronica Marie Lucero.

The retreat theme, patterned after the rhythm of consecrated life  or forma vitae of Francis of Assisi and enhanced by reflections taken from Rejoice, Letter for the Year of Consecrated Life; a letter to all consecrated people from the magisterium of Pope Francis, provided fruitful reflections.

Sister Veronica said, “The incorporation of thought-provoking questions, quotes from the Felician Constitution Response to Love, and images that evoked ‘the Spirit of God at work within,’ prompted openness of spirit. The evocative method of spiritual direction offered the environment and time for self-reflection that promoted self-knowledge and transformative experiences.”

According to Sister Veronica, the days of prayer, reflection, spiritual companioning, and fraternitas during the noon meal with friars Father Armand Padula, guardian; Father Tom Garone, and Father Roch Ciandella, Mount Alvernia retreat directors; Father Joaquin Mejia, Spanish Ministries; Father Roger Hall, and Father Romano Stephen Almagno, retreat staff; provided a wholesome and joyous compliment to the joy of Gospel living.

Mount Alvernia Retreat Center was a Franciscan seminary from 1945-1967 and has since been successfully re-purposed as a Catholic retreat center. At the invitation of the friars, on Friday, February 27, Lauren, Michele, and Sister Veronica will attend Mass at the Franciscan Poor Clare Monastery in thanksgiving for the many graces received while on retreat before returning to Saint Felix Convent in Enfield, CT.

The postulants are grateful to S Peggy Marie Rosehart, postulant director, for arranging for this mid-year retreat and for the sisters of Our Lady of Hope Province for their prayers, blessing and hospitality to new membership.

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