Sisters Celebrate the Joy of Consecrated Life

Enfield Sisters Celebrate the Joy of Consecrated Life

Early in December, each sister in the Enfield, CT area received an email from SM Angelia Rzasa.

She wrote: “As you know, the Church has dedicated the year 2015 to Consecrated Life. In the central 111convent, I would like to do a bulletin board with each sister’s photo along with a phrase, brief quote, a few words from a hymn, a title, or any words from your heart that engage you with love and joy to Jesus Christ, your Spouse. However the Spirit moves you, please share your words that radiate the joy of being a Spouse of Christ.”

4444The sisters responded, and, using her artistic talent, Sister Angelia paired each quote with a picture of the individual sister and created a beautiful, inspiring bulletin board that hangs in the east wing on the first floor.

S Nancy Marie Piecewicz said, “The sisters were excited not only about seeing their pictures, but in seeing what their fellow sisters use as their daily mantras.”


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