WYD Update

Energy was high from the moment S Mary Beth Bromer, SM Thomas Lesniak, S Grace Marie DelPriore and S Heather Marie Deneen arrived in Rio de Janiero for World Youth Day on Monday, July 22. 
Exuberantly greeted by the Brazilian Felician Sisters, the sisters from North America immediately felt right at home. 
Following some time for rest and nourishment, the International Felician Contingent set out to collect their World Youth Day backpacks that contain all the materials and information needed to participate in each day’s activities.  On this trek through the city, groups of enthusiastic young people who wanted to meet and speak with the sisters, as well as to have photos taken with them, stopped them many times. 
As the sisters proceeded through the city, they could not help but feel the high energy all around them created by the young people who fill the streets.  S Mary Beth said the entire city is permeated with a powerful spirit that unmistakably reflects the Presence of the Holy Spirit!

A special treat – a special blessing – was the opportunity the sisters had to catch a quick glimpse of the Holy Father as he passed overhead in a helicopter. This peek at Pope Francis is hoped to be a promise of closer encounters with our beloved Pontiff during World Youth Days!


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