Pope Francis Meets Seminarians and Novices

The first video is an English segment of the Pope’s meeting with Novices and Seminarians in Rome.  The second video is the entire presentation.  Most of which is in Italian and some in Spanish.  If there is a question in your heart about the idea that God maybe calling you, your answer may be in this video.

Taken from Word of God blog:
Jesus names a mixed bunch in the Gospel today.  They never submitted resumes or applied for the job.  We do not know much about them.  For the most part … they were simple … some were uneducated … maybe even illiterate … yet … we know the results of their missionary work.
The apostles did not choose their vocation … rather they were chosen … called forth by Jesus.  These twelve and those who followed had an impact on the world.
So … what is the point for us?
By following our own paths … we too are called to be disciples and apostles who can make a difference in our world.

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Dear seminarians, dear novices, dear young people discerning your vocations. One of you, one of your formators, said to me the other days, “evangeliser, on le fait à genoux” “evangelization is done on one’s knees”. Listen well: “evangelization is done on one’s knees”. Without a constant relationship with God, the mission becomes a job.  But for what do you work? As a tailor, a cook a priest, is your job being a priest, being a sister? No. It is not a job, but rather something else. The risk of activism, of relying too much on structures, is an ever-present danger.  If we look towards Jesus, we see that prior to any important decision or event he recollected himself in intense and prolonged prayer.  Let us cultivate the contemplative dimension, even amid the whirlwind of more urgent and heavy duties.  And the more the mission calls you to go out to the margins of existence, let your heart be the more closely united to Christ’s heart, full of mercy and love.  Herein lies the secret of pastoral fruitfulness, of the fruitfulness of a disciple of the Lord!
 Jesus sends his followers out with no “purse, no bag, no sandals” (Lk 10:4).  The spread of the Gospel is not guaranteed either by the number of persons, or by the prestige of the institution, or by the quantity of available resources.  What counts is to be permeated by the love of Christ, to let oneself be led by the Holy Spirit and to graft one’s own life onto the tree of life, which is the Lord’s Cross.
 Dear friends, with great confidence I entrust you to the intercession of Mary Most Holy.  She is the Mother who helps us to take life decisions freely and without fear.  May she help you to bear witness to the joy of God’s consolation, without being afraid of joy, she will help you to conform yourselves to the logic of love of the Cross, to grow in ever deeper union with the Lord in prayer.  Then your lives will be rich and fruitful!  Amen.

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