Second Novitiate Community

The Second Novitiate Community enjoyed a Sunday dinner at Tricity Family Restaurant in Schofield, WI, and had the opportunity to drive by Rib Mountain, Wausau, on Sunday, April 21. They spent the rest of the day reflecting on the marvels of God’s goodness at work within them.
On Monday and Tuesday, April 22-23, SM Lauren Lapinski spoke about the gift of relationship in community life as described in Response to Love, Chapter IV. She also shared the personal and group profile of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Interpretive Report for Organizations prepared for each sister and invited reflection on their integration into religious community, cognizant of personality type, personal gifts and the attributes of the adult community as family-fraternitas.
Earlier during the week, Sister Lauren had classes on the Myers-Briggs personalities and insight to other temperaments as an indication of where others are coming from and how they process information and situations. It all boils down to diversity and unity–the common good of all–and how we strive to be accepting of each other because we have a common unity – we are sisters – we are called to do the will of God. ~ Sister Rita
This is my third time taking the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment. I realize that this assessment does not “label” anyone but it helps me to recognize why I do things, respond to things and react to situations in a certain way. My preferences describing the “why” of many viewpoints include: extravert/introvert–how I focus my attention; sensing/intuition–how I take in information; thinking/feeling–how I make decisions; and judging/perceiving–how I deal with the outer world. What I have learned is a great tool for community life, ministry in the Church and family relationships. ~ Sister Esmeria
S Peggy Marie Rosehart, assistant novice director, spoke about the importance of women in Scripture, the Eucharist, and tools for discernment,.  The sisters enjoyed a beautiful DVD presentation by Father Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, on the theology of the Eucharist. According to the sisters, their experience of prayer was heightened by several guided meditations, time for personal reflection, and the weaving of a personally prepared and patterned bookmark reminiscent of the many experiences that led them to this point in their lives. 
S Peggy brought us the beauty and gifts of the women of the Bible. As we looked at these women, we were able to see the attributes that Blessed Mary Angela had received from the Holy Spirit. One of these women was Ruth and her gift of being available to others. We also spent time reflecting on the Eucharist and our Felician Charism as a beautiful gift to each of us–the physical embracing of God- a gift of love that we receive and that we share with those around us. The last topic was on discernment and how the choices we make are not just for ourselves but for the whole Congregation, so we need to pray always to listen to the Holy Spirit ~ S Rita 
As Felician Sisters, we are centered as one in the Eucharist and are commissioned to go out into the world to share Christ. Jesus said, “Receive, give thanks, break, and share.” We, like Blessed Mary Angela, live the Eucharistic presence in our world by nurturing, encouraging, and celebrating Jesus in our world in need of healing. God gave us Jesus as the new manna in the desert to feed us, to guide us and to lead us as we keep vigil like the wise virgins awaiting His return. ~ S Esmeria 

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