Chicago NUNRUN

Five participants in the Chicago NUNRUNspent the afternoon at Mother of Good Counsel Convent in Chicago, IL, on Saturday, February 2.
For the sake of clarification, a NUNRUN is a vocations road trip meant to provide young women with the opportunity to be exposed to a sampling of different religious orders in the United States. Participants of such a trip travel by car and go from one convent to another, learning about the life of the sisters, their service to the Church, and their spirituality. Along the way, they get to pray, eat, and play with the sisters.

Mother of Good Counsel was one of five convents that the participants visited during the weekend. As a member of the Campus Ministry/Young Adult Committee of the Chicago Archdiocesan Vocation Association (CAVA), S Mary Beth Bromer helped plan the vocation event, sponsored by CAVA.

S Paula Mary Palasz and SM Eliana Remiszewska spent the afternoon with the five young women, answering their questions about the Felician way of life and ministries. In addition, the sisters shared their own vocation stories. The participants also had time to spend in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in the convent chapel. Four of the women were from the Chicago area and the fifth young woman flew all the way in from Philadelphia to take part in the weekend. After a snack, three women religious representing three other religious congregations joined the group.

Following the weekend, Sister Mary Beth said that one of the women reflected beautifully on her experience in an email that she sent. She wrote, “I wanted to thank you so much again for our Emmaus Walk together!! I felt so blessed to be able to connect with you so easily! Our walk was certainly something I will remember for a long time, as it really did touch my heart! I think the personal interactions we have with the sisters are so beneficial, perhaps even more beneficial than a ‘Come and See’ for vocations. It is in those personal interactions that we can speak out what we need and also hear so many stories of faith and journey! And so, truly, thank you so much for giving some time for my benefit! I thanked God for you, definitely! And of course, I am always praying for you! I hope that we can certainly keep in touch and learn more about each other!” 
Sister Mary Beth said, “Sisters, what this college-age student wrote to Sister Eliana is something we can all learn from: that the need to be open, and willing to interact with young people today is critically important in welcoming new vocations. That sharing our personal vocation stories and inviting women into our homes for common prayer and meals are significant vocation initiatives that will attract young women to join us on our Felician journey in today’s Church.”

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