Classes Finished, Now I Can Play

Sister Christina Marie Kazimierek just finished her studies for the semester and being the kind and loving soul she is, she decided to spend time with some of the “wise women” of the St. Joseph Care Center. 
S Christina Marie Kazimirek, chief cookie dough maker, along with Cindy, care center activities director, Nancy Franke, care center director, and Kate, Felician Associate, recently treated the sisters of St. Joseph Care Center in Livonia, MI, to an afternoon of Christmas cookie baking and decorating.
Sister Christina prepared and rolled the dough, and then cut out the Christmas shapes.
Cindy, Nancy & Kate assisted with the artistic decorating using sanding sugars, sprinkles and jimmies. According to Sister Christina, she and the sisters decorated the plain cookies with frosting.
After all the cookies were baked, it was milk and cookie time!  However, Sister Christina lamented, all those delicious cookies will never see Christmas day — they were all eaten up by the end of supper!
OK, Sister, fess up, you did help eat some of those cookies also, right????

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