Reflection Time

 Reflection Time
SM Edna Pearl Esquibel, S Felicity Marie Madigan and S Maria Lorena Arvizu Zambrano enjoyed four days of classes on the importance of prayer in the life of a religious as part of their Second Novitiate experience.
The focus of the first three days–
April 17-20–was on Scripture, women in the Bible and in the sisters’ own experience; Eucharist as an “embrace of God” in their experience of God’s intimacy; and Discernment as an articulation of tools and processes fostered when actively listening to God, others and self. 
On the fourth day, S Peggy Marie Rosehart, co-director of the Pre-Tertians and soon to be Assistant Novice Director, captivated the group with a weaving exercise that gave tactical expression to their experience of contemplation, discovery, and creativity in the spiritual life. Each sister wove a beautiful bookmark of embroidery thread that invites the “weaver” to remember that religious life is a call to deepen relationship with God and neighbor through the discipline of prayer, contemplation and discernment.

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